When moon?Crypchania offers customers an affiliation program for spreading the word and create awareness amongst other gamers.
With this program, you can invite your friends to buy or try Crypchania with a personal link and earn a commission. When an order is received that comes from your link you earn a percentage over the total order amount. This could be the full Crypchania game, sponsorships, skin creation or anything that we sell in the webshop.

Get your account ready.

To set up your account, just place an order at the store (like the free demo) and your account is ready to earn. You receive your login information on the mail. Visit your personal account page to see the commissions and earnings. Also, use the special link that is provided for you. Without using the proper link we may not track your affiliation.

Some Affiliation tips

Besides getting your affiliation link just dropping randomly out in the open isn’t enough to convince gamers to play Crypchania or making a purchase. However here are some easy tips to promote your affiliate link to others:

Top 10 easy affiliation tips:

  • Make a post about the game.
  • Distribute a walkthrough.
  • Write a review.
  • Stream a let’s play video.
  • Share promotional coupons like discounts.
  • Email signatures, profile pages, Forum posts.
  • Make use of the press-kit.

Some more affiliation tips:

Some other basic tip is to tell your audience what you like and also what you didn’t like about Crypchania, this will create a more realistic view for your followers about the game.

Be honest and tell that you are a proud affiliate member for Crypchania This will create a trust for your audience and followers.

Make sure you write to the right audience. Crypchania could be classified as a Jrpg, MMORPG, adventure game, turn-based, etc. Make sure that your followers are the kind of gamers that like to play a 2d indie massive online multiplayer role-playing games with a lot of different stories besides the main story.

Cloaking or hiding the actual Affiliation link by shortening the URL will help you to get more out of the affiliate link. Some people that lurk your content don’t want you to earn from them.

It helps if you already have some reputation in the industry or a big range of followers and your own channel. If not then time for you to get out there and write some good content about games and RPGs in particular.

Use only text links rather than banners. Banners are distracted by the readers and most likely they think that they are adds. People that read your post are likely to click a text link when you recommend buying Crypchania.
Although If you use an image or screenshot, make sure to attach your affiliate link to it. Especially for mobile users, they can click an image faster than a small text link.

Some website doesn’t allow you to use affiliate links. So write a blog post about Crypchania containing the affiliation link. In your signatures, you can point to that page because you just want to share your review.

Use an affiliate disclaimer. Users like that you donate on charity. You could write: please buy Crypchania through my affiliate link. For every 10 received commissions, I will donate – do a giveaway or anything that fits your follower’s needs.
And you should display a non-affiliate link if they don’t want you to earn anything but still want to check out Crypchania. This way shows to your readers that you are serious about the product you are promoting.

Promote one or two other products. The first product should be Crypchania of course and the second product you recommend could be another game or something completely different. This will show users that you are not biased.