All side quests

Available from Part 1

Available from Part 2

Available from Part 3

Available from Part 4

Life after death

Desert Banditos

Desert Fighting pit

Desert Fighting pit I

Desert Fighting pit II

Desert Fighting pit III

June and Jane

PVP – Hidden sheep level

Restaurant Deliveroo

Available from Part 5

Chasing lights

Chicken run part 1

Chicken run part 2

Ten Lilian’s for a girl

Ten Times lucky

Available from Part 6

Little pet Dragon

Secret Sheep Cave

poison spidy


Unbrave ice warrior


Available from Part 7

High on Shells

Salty soup for two

Concert for none

Cold Nappers

Cold Grandma

Compass for a lady

Gina Gelly Bikini

Available from Part 8

A sky pirate mission (not optional if the compass is returned to Morgane.)

Luna tuna Fishing contestela

Available from Part 9

An apple from Yesterday
A coin for tomorrow
white jacks bad decks
Trumby meds
Returning Asiana villagers
Return of the tortoise
Lighthouse curse
Magix book? at the church.

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