Is it is almost new year. Lets see if We can get some firework inside the game… but for now there are some bugs squeezed like always.

Ready for round three? As I started to create a underwater world with mermaids and fishes and king neptune. This is the last area before you are getting to the end. While I’m expending the side quests from village to village.

I keep you posted.

Update 25-Nov-2018 – COÖP


The story is still worked on, where you (the hero) needs to deliver a package, to a mysterious someone… I’m almost at the end of the main story, give it a couple of month. In the mean while, you should have some fun with the side quests or pvp battles and also-

I have finally made a nice coop puzzle map. Ask a friend to join you or play it with splitscreen. But the more the merrier right? You realy need to work together on this one. The map layout is just for functionality, with switches, bridges and rocks to be pushed. In the near future, I will add some more details to it.

For now see all the mechanics in action, but be carefully for the canon balls and with the bridges that disappear after X seconds.



Update 16-11-2018

It’s been a while since my last update, here is a quick catch up of what is going on in #crypchania.

First of all the story is progressing slowly but steady. There is right now over 96 hours of gameplay, where the main story is around 12 hours.

I upgraded the chat function, for the desktop browsers. I disabled it for mobile, because you want that to be a light version (data transfer and battery wise).

When you have the time: visit http://crypchania.com/webrpg
to have a nice chat with one another on the desktop by using the little balloon.

Update – 7 November

With my own first playthrough I noticed some bugs and some inconsistencies. Those ate now fixed, there could be more but thats for another time.

The story is not ended yet for the game but I got some new inspiration after reading some local stories. I keep you posted.

As for the halloween vest in MountainTown is officialy over And I want to congrata ‘wayaldi’ with the highest candy finds. If you are reading this, thank you for playing and everyone else that has come to joined the festivities.

Update – first playthrought

I started to play the first  playthroughs on my own to the point where I’m at  for creating the game further.

It is hard to find a good ballans of the enemies and the lvl you have with your charracter. Also the stas and prices of weapons are a pain to ballans. But I will tweak it here and there to optimize the gameplay.

Also it is nice to see all the pieces fits together like a big puzzle. The world of #crypchania is getting shape.

Server side update

Another update on the server side. TokenExpiresIn: 2h,

This allows a logged in user to have his token for the socket connection  2 Hours active before ithe token expires. This way hopefully a logged in user will log out before the 2 hours. This is changed so that the user gets a new token every 2 hours or with every new login. This is just for security measurements to allow a secure connection between the node js server (blockchain and webserver).


New title screen

The new title screen shows an underwater scene where the players walks slowly and breath bubbles. The large shadow is that of a whale and there is also a mermaid besided the large quantity of fish.




Update – New item identification

Now you can see when a Item is new in the list with a small identification tag before the item. It is gone as soon as you hover over the item (you don’t need to use it). This way I hope players can keep a better track about the items they received, as #Crypchania got almost over 1000 items, weapons and armor to find, it is easy to loose track of all those goodies.

-Also I have completed the whole bikini finding quest, where you need to find at least 12 bikini’s around #Crypchania. You could start by the Mountain town – Taylor shop.  On the left is Mikey, he is a perv… I mean a shy boy, that likes to spy on girls.

Update – creating sprites

Most villages and towns are ready to be filled with npc’s (non playable charracters) or as I sometimes call them by mistake: Sprites. Where npcs are the sprites that gives you the info, items and quests. A sprite is a visual object in the map: like a tree, a rock and also a npc. That is sometimes pretty confusing because not every three or rock is a sprite.. huh what?

So the villages or towns that I have created for #crypchania getting occupied little by little by those npcs and there is also the bottle neck of the creativity of my own… how much npc’s could I create and giving them all their own identitie. This is what got me thinking: if all of them comes from one mind are they not all the same at the end. So I started analizing their behavior and the choise of words and quests they give…

And yes, they are all the same at some point. How hard I tried giving them behaviour and word choises of their own, it failed.

How to fix this? By observing others and there behaviour and creating npc of those who are observed. That will be a  very time consuming side project (quest) for a “one programmers show” like #crypchania.

I came up with the idea for just asking random people from social media if they are alright if I could create a sprite out of them to be walking arround in a village, castle or town. And just using some of the same content they have posted to create a npc with charrateristicks of their own where they could giving out some quests, stories or information to the player.

And thus here comes to power of google forms (link below). Where you can fill out the form and we create a charracter that fits the discription you provided about yourself.

Also if you want to become a charracter inside #crypchania give me a call, or rather a pm on facebook with some lines you want to say, a picture of your face and clothin and if you have a nice idea for a side quest I’m all ears.

But filling out the google forms will do for the moment.

Have fun:




Updated some maps.

One of the first things a player will notice when start playing a game, is the quality of their surroundings. Is it filled, empty, are the colors alright, not to dark because you can’t see, not to light because it spoils the atmosphere. Because this game is a learning in progress and there has been some progress. Watch the before and after match of a screenshot of the demo map which got a slightly updated tileset… Any feedback is appreciated off course.
Updated the tileset for the demo map.