Eveey, the know it all explorer, well sort of. She does know alot about the world of crypchania. Because she read alot of books. She lives by her uncly who is a lumberjack for a very long time. Because she had made some good trades, she become a very fortunate, but humbled girl. As all the best traders should by, she bought a lambo that is standing on the porge by her uncle. Altough he is not sure how she got it there in the first place. He would like to have it removed becsuse it is blocking the way to his basement.

Eveey loves fishing and she takes her master rod everywhere where she drivers. She loves dining in a expensive restaurent where she always order roasted bear, just like her uncle who have invented this dish when he was lost in the woods. Because of the popilairty of thos dish by the furtunat wealthy gents, most of the bears crypchania had where extinct in just a few years.