Coinwarez – Cure for Eveey

If you want a cure for Eveey, you need to get five naked fairy coins.
This will also lead you to a fight with your main enemy “Yoka”.
Go back to the world map, When you exit the cave go to the abbondand tower and hit the stone which says you need 5 coins. go back to the oasis (whith the scorpions) and to the east you see a tent. Enter the tent and a naked fairy will appear. After the battle she explains that you need 5 coins which is for opening a portal inside the abbondand tower, this is only needed when you want to save eveey (see chapter III).
Arround the world the naked faires appear randomly like yellow shine if you go through the walkthrough you should come across them all. When you leave the tent you see a twinkling fairy right away (look carefull as the sand will blend it.)