Concert for none

Concert for none

Needed: Ariel’s neckless.             (If not strong enough 5000 Squares.)
Reward: A total of about 37000 exp.
At the Dragon castle, the pup should be opened by now. Go inside the pub and sit next to Elsa. She says to sit still till the concert starts. June walk on stage and starts singing, you need to wait a few minutes till the song is completed, you can’t leave if the timer is still on. So make sure to bring in some money for the mini-game higher lower in the meantime you listen to the music or talk to the people inside the bar.
After the song, you receive some exp. Now walk out of the pub and straight back in for another song. After three songs your eardrums are destroyed as some of the crowd would tell you. Walkout and in again. The fourth time you sit next to Elsa the crowd is getting nervous because no performer is coming. Instead, Tania comes running on the stage shouting that she is not there, she has been kidnapped. Now as the hero you jump up and ask how to help. From now you can go backstage. Now talk to Tania (the bunny girl) and she shows you a note that the kidnappers want 5000 Squares ransom. There is also a dressing room for a bikini for Mikey Select it and you are slapped on stage. Walk your way to the east of the stage and to start a song. The best way is to hold the mouse button down to let the crowd jump. The more jumps, the better the item Above 400 jumps will get you a SingSongSword.
Go to the spider cave which is north outside of the dragon castle. When you enter the spider cave go straight north. If you have been here before you notice that the builder is gone. In the shadows, you will see one of the kidnappers. You can talk to him and pay them or fight or If you want to fight either way don’t talk to him yet. Walk a little further there is a prison door with Esmeralda behind it. Try to help her with using a lockpick (if you want for 1000 extra exp.) but it won’t do you any good. So the battle starts. If you win the prison door is opened and you can release Esmeralda from the prison. She walks away from you and you can follow her up to the pub for the last concert. To complete the quest.

Easter eggs Dragons Pub:
If you have completed the concert for one side quest, you can do these easter eggs: Talk the which lady she asks you who you want to listen to. Choose Yoka and he will come on stage and sings his song.
Also, you go backstage and walk on the podium to sing a song. It depends on your girl/boy skin what song you will sing. There is a mirror backstage for a quick change.
When you are passed the kidnapping scene, you notice that Elsa is no longer at the pub. She is moved to the mountain town and is waiting outside the mountain town pub. Talk to her a few times for a duet that you just can’t “let it go.”

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