Desert pit fights

Desert pit fights

Walk to the northeast side for finding the desert pit area. -before you enter the desert area, go to the east, beneath the valley where the demo of crypchania is started. There you will find some rocks/mountains with tents in the middle. On the east side is a builder you can move so there is a shortcut back from where you begin. Walk back and enter the desert fighting pit. Go to the west, climb up the leaf, then go down through the mountain path and to the ride cross the little bridge, and go up. Beneath the cliffs, you are in the public fighting pit place. Talk to everyone, see some scenes, like the clown with puke on the floor, is great. GO back to from where you came and go down. if you didn’t already go to the cave where the bats and scorpions are and let you fall through the floor. You fall into a water source and in the middle, you see a red basket of eggs. Touch it to begin the fight with a mother scorpion, to get the scorpion tale. back to the fighting pit. Now you are on the cliff with a tent. Enter it and ask the hosted (bunny girl Tanya). Ask the girl to start the conversation, when finished and you have proof that you are made up for it hence the big spider leg, or the batwing. Ask the girl again Some random text is displayed and she walks to the east to get some sign-in forms on the table. Then go to the table, start another confirmation and enter your name (this is your chance to edit it). When you lose you can sign up again with a different name, so don’t worry. After the signing, the hostess says the competition is starting shortly. Now it took me a long time to figure out when it is starting but it seems to happen when you level up your character between 1 and 3 levels before the competition is started. Go back to the world and fight some monsters and doing some random quests, to level up your character, After some leveling up, go back to the desert fighting pit tent and ask the hostess.

Desert Fighting pit I

Desert Fighting pit II

Desert Fighting pit III

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