Op zoek naar een eiland


Op zoek naar een eiland.

A Dutch point and click game about a dying man, that has one last wish.

You play as Professor Bianca, from “De wens”. And you can alter memories by injecting new code through a machine. It’s a 2-hour emotional adventure for the player where you dive into the memoires of David, until you reach his childhood. Will you be on time to inject his wish before he passes away.  The game contains some shuffle puzzles but are a skippable and is free to play.

The GPS version has a route that is around 15 kilometres long, from the starting to the end point. It will take you from the paper-factory to Beverwijk and back to Velsen-Noord ferry, because you need to physically move to locations it’s not determine how long the game will be. Locations are also skippable when you can’t find it or the GPS is not functioning correctly.

Klick here to play the game on any chrome bowser.
For desktop you can use a mouse / keyboard or a game pad,
For Android or IOS phones you can use touch.

Klick here to play the GPS BETA version on any chrome bowser.
For Android or IOS you can use touch, this version is not tested and could contain some problems. But feel free to try:
Make sure you have GPS on, you receive a warning if it’s not working correctly.