A sky pirates mission

———- side ques(not optional): sky pirate mission ——–
Needed: returned the compass to Morgane.
Reward, 16043 experience, and a Pirate sword, cruel sword

This is a Sidequest that is only happening once and only when you have met the right criteria. If you haven’t then you can’t do this quest and the story progresses. Thus make sure when you walk at Oceania, there is a sunken ship on the south with a chest. The chest contains the Compass of Morgane’s farther, return the compass to her at the mountain town pub. Now you can take the train from Dragon castle to the west and talk to Brandon (as you should normal would to follow the story). At some point, the Captain who is guarding the treasures is yelling to the guard that he is a wimp. Then the Guard runs off as the captain comes by you ask him what is wrong. He tells you that they are under attack by some sky pirates. You need to go to the east side of the train where the gold is stored. You can’t go any further because a pirate is trying to lock pick the fence. You caught him red-handed, so he puts up a fight. If you lose you are tossed beside Yoshi inside his cage so make sure to open the chest. If you win you can walk further. Climb the ladder which will get you on the roof. Walk to the west to see an airship floating. A pirate jumps down and another fight is happening. If you win and haven’t already, walk further west and you see a ladder. Here is the cage of Yoshi if you won the last battle make sure to get there for a chest and a cruel sword.. Go back inside the train and walk all the wat to the east at the passenger coupé. Defeat another pirate. If you fight him you will let him walk away and you demand that he leaves you his sword. Brandon walks up to you and the train arrived at the slumbs village.

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