All sheep locations

The lost Sheep are found;

At the milkybread farm near Dragon mountain.
At the slumbs after the children destroy the fence with the cannon ball.
At the spider cave Northeast side.
At the south castle Square
At the graveyard (south castle)
At the beach
Desert passage to the fighting pit.
Forgotten Forrest (a secret passage, east side of the river by raft).
Apple woods at the waterfall and the caves.
Old Mansion 1st floor east room.
Salty cave Northeast where you had a fight with Yuffie
Abandoned tower northeast corner
Mountain town item shop
Bat cave somewhere in the middle
Snowvänia house on the left, first floor
Ice road in the cave
Old couple iglo Northeast of the world map.
World map Near Yoka’s castle
World map south of the desert region
Oasis (where you found rover).

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