An Apple from yesterday

-=-=-=-=-= A Apple from yesterday -=-=-=-=-

Reward: Apple sword +

As you go through the portal from the magical woods you are traveled back in time. Go to the past apple kingdom. The first thing you come across is the apple queen who tries to return the former apple king from the dead. Second: You can take the apple sword from the weapons room Which is pretty powerful. Third, you should also talk to some people like the librarian on the 1st floor. On the 3rd floor, The girl whose father is the old tablet translator is just a baby. The guard that yells that you are a wimp is being yelled at the whole time that he is a wimp by his captain. As it seems the captain is corrupt so the which gives some of her powers to the soldier. Now after the captain speaks about his mother, the soldier snaps and almost destroys the whole castle. He let the captain vanish and he seems to lose his mind when he walks away.

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