Cold Grandma

Cold grandma

Needed: Reine summoned 25 times.
reward: 35000 Exp + Photo neckless.
When you have summoned Reine 25 times (keep track of the counting) return to Snowvänia. There is a house on the east side of town that was closed for now. If you have enough summoned Reine the door is open.
Enter the house and a conversation begins with the brother of Reine. After that you where told about your mother and you should see her grave at the top of icy road. There you can interact with the grave. Reine has run to the Fairy chambers and you need to follow her. You have to fight the fairy for your mothers honor. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. From there you return to the orphanage to figure out that Reine’s grandma has left this world.
And when the conversation begins, there has been a nock on the door and when you go look there is a baby standing in the doorway.