Lighthouse Curse

—————-Side Quest: Lighthouse Curse ———Reward: TNT and exp.
Needed: LVL 55 Permit

At the Beach town, you met with Lagartha, who you seem to know from earlier. After the conversation, you noticed her concern about the lighthouse curse which dried up the ship’s trading routes to the village. She tried to blast her way in but has not succeeded to lift the curse.
First, you need to go to the lighthouse beach. Because of the TNT that she uses there is now a cave.
Enter the cave and do the puzzles [puzzles].
Then when you are in the basement you see a white shiny sprite in the torture room. Talk to her and you get two options. 1 to fight her (she is pretty strong but get a lot of experience) and if you lose you can try again. If you win you need to talk to his husband he is at the water forest cabin (where you were abducted by Agent X) When you tell him what happened he is at peace. Now you can return to Lagartha and tell her that the curse is lifted and you receive 3 times TNT.
Else you can take the remainings of her and bring that to her husband. If you let him with the remainings and step outside, the ghost shreds the husband apart. After the screen, you can enter the cabin again and there is the ghost of the lighthouse keeper standing. Talk to her and she explains why she did what she did. With this, the curse is lifted and you can report back to Lagarta and you receive 1 TNT.


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