Return of the tortoise

—————-Side Quest: Return of the tortoise ———-

Reward: 50000 exp.
Needed: Fira cape (from the dragon castle grave cave)

At the slumbs, there is a little girl standing by the water at the southeast. Talk to her and she says that she trained her pet: Tortoise to swim. Once she sets him into the water he swims away leaving the girl behind. She is pretty upset that she didn’t train him that well so you feel sad for her and say that maybe you find him on your travels.
Now go to the Shnaps Inn near the bat cave. Before you go make sure you save your game somewhere else then this is to make the fireplace out. When ready go to the inn and examine the fireplace for a secret passage. Here you find Tortoise swimming. Take him with you and he will join your party.
Return to the Slumbs for your reward. If you want Tortoise with you again, you can ask the girl.

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