Returning the Asiana villagers

—————-Side Quest: Returning the Asiana villagers———-
Needed: Masamune, Fira cape (from the dragon castle grave cave)
If you did not find the Masamune already at the salty cave, go there before you go any further. At the point where you have defeated Yuffie earlier to get it from the chest. If you have lost your Masamune then not all is lost. Make sure you have a permit level 65 and go to the Saltycave. The chest is respawned.
First, you need to find the village and make sure to have the Masamune equipped. The village is located from the Slumbs inn to the Northeast then make your way south you see a cave (it is where the level 65 gate is (the cave with a lot of lava) make your long way to the cave, the exit is on the southwest end. Then back on the world map walk south you see a bridge and an island with tents. Enter it and walk through the village and at some moment you say that it is quite. Now walk to the north and try to leave the village. Sephiroth comes out of nowhere and attacks you. After the conversation you give him his Masamune back. In return, he gives you 20 Asiana town scrolls to let you return all the Asiana town folk. He leaves to chaise of some ‘clouds’. At that same moment, one of the villagers returns and opens up a shop. Now to find all the Asiana villagers, you can follow the location guide for the Asiana villagers.

Asiana location guide    

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