Trumby Meds

—————-Side Quest: Trumby Meds ———-Reward: 50000 exp.
Needed: Fira cape (from the dragon castle grave cave)
At the Slumbs, there is a house with a water tank on the roof. Enter the house and walk to the east. To the bedroom. You overheard Mr. Trumby and Miss trumby about her child that is very sick and can pass away any moment. As you walk away because you can’t stare at the face of a child who is almost at the end of her life. You decide to look for the medicine. As you heard in the conversation there is a cave where it must have been. Find the cave by exiting the Slumbs walk north and then east. In front of the level 65 gate is the cave with a lot of lava. Make your way through the cave to the north-south side where a pool of water lies. When you walk on the scaffolding you find the firewater. Return to the house of the trumby’s and leave walk up to the bedroom.

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