Unbrave ice warrior

Unbrave Ice Warrior.

Needed: to completed the chicken run quest part 2, TNT.
Reward: Icy Master gun and 12000 exp.
At the Snow town gift shop, there is a warrior sitten at the table (behind the bald guy with a barret). When you talk to Him they are having a conversation about that he is the strongest warrior and the braves Although the bald guy argu with him that he is not. Because he can’t talk with girls which is a problem because he still isn’t married. So the bald guy gives him a tip that he needs a: Libidokodiumentues. Afcourse the warrior can’t get it on his own because the magixgate is locked untill the next hunt. The only lead you got is to go to the hidden ruins (forgotten forest).
Make sure you have a few TNT with you before you go there (Could be bought at the old which house at the Miracle forest (near the slumbs). At the hidden ruins, check on one of the grey rocks (at the outside wall of the ruin). Blow it up and there is a secret entrance. Walk through it over the bridge which gets you back outside again, here you will find the libidokodiumentues for the warrior at the show town gift shop. Return to him when you want to. Talk the warrior when have the Libidokodiumtues and the old guy behind him tells you to smash him on his head. You do it and you knocked him out. Now go to elsa to get a Anti-KO from her and return to the warrior. When you use the anti-ko on him, it won’t work. The old guy leaves the crime scene. After this, the richest girl from the villages shows up and heals him with her powers. As it turns out he can now talk to the girl. They starting a conversation and the warrior asks for a last favor of you to get some drinks. Talk to Elsa she gives you some hot coco and return to the girl. Serve the girl first because the warrior tells you so otherwise. Then serve the warrior, he will gives you a ice master gun of [ something random]. After that, you leave the store and wonder where the old guy has went.

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