Example of a ingame advertisementYou want to sponsor this game and let you place your adds into the game, be added to the credits or want your own NPC (non playable character in Crypchania). We have some nice available options for you to consider. But feel free to contact me with any other ideas.

USD 25,-
You are getting a NPC (non playable character) that looks like yourself or anything else that you want to name him. When the conversation is
started, you have a name-box above your NPC avatar. And you are free to decide what this NPC says to the player.

USD 50,-
You are getting one spot inside the game to place a picture (see example above) with in front a chest a player can open.
Here he will see some information about the advertisement and a url to the website is opened (except when there is a pop-up blocker).

USD 100,-
You are getting one spot inside the game with at the front a NPC (non playable charracter).
Here the player received a quest surrounding your advertisment. Depending on your ideas the possibelities are endless.

USD 200,-
Your add is displayed at one of the starting pages. Everytime a player is starting the game he will see your add.
Keep in mind that there is minor rotation between starting pages.

USD 300,-
You are getting a spot inside the game with a chest and a NPC (non playable charracter).
The chest is resetted after every save so the player keeps conmming back to your add / chest.
The NPC has a quest for you with your advertisement theme.
You are getting a spot on the starting pages.