Enjoy a fresh old school classic 2D multiplayer RPG with an active turn-based battle system.

As a courier, you are sent on a quest to deliver a package to the Western Isles. As you travel through the world of Niiburia you will visit towns where you meet people that may also need your help. You explorer caves and dungeons to fight evil creatures and bandits before you reach your final destination.

Most side quests are created with a lot of emotions and a large wink to other games of the genre. Tabbellarius contains more than 120 hours of gameplay and is growing fast, with new quests that are added every three months with an update.


The game has some small coöp elements and challenges where players can battle each other to see who is the fastest, strongest or smartest. The winners receive a trophy, important key items and endless fame. Be sure to invite friends to play Tabbellarius, when you take on these challenges.


Players need to become a VIP-Courier by purchasing the full game. When you are a vip you can progress further into the story and see more of Tabbellarius. The demo contains the first part of the story (about 20 hours of gameplay). Before players reach this point, there is plenty of time to consider purchasing the full game.

Tabbellarius logo This picture shows the Tabbellarius logo, it contains of two individuals hugging each other.

Scotties Beam

Use this device to enter a six numbered code and receive some additional items, special skins, and tips that would help you on your quests. The Scottie Beam is used as a beacon when you are in trouble… But nobody know how it exactly worksl it saves you from getting killed.
The Scottie beam was originally created for developing purposes. But we left it in for players to cheat and recover when something isn’t supposed to go the way it should. Although we really don’t like cheaters that alter the game code for their benefits. The use of the Scotties-Beam is for everyone to explore. Check the quest-log for tips from the Scotty Beam.

Free to to try

The first part of the game included in the DEMO is completely free. There are no in game purchases or play-to-win elements in the full game either. If you like the game, you can become a VIP-Courier which allows you to go further into the story.


Is the game free to play?
Yes, the demo is free to play on all platforms. It is free to a certain point in the story. This point is reached by most players in about 10 to 15 hours. So you get a wide introduction of Tabbellarius. When you think it is worth it, you can pay for a license for your account so you can continue your journey as a VIP-Courier and get even more benefits over basic accounts like more side-quests, weapons and functions. If you don’t think it is worth it to you, please concider a small donation to keep the game alive for others to play.

Where do I buy this game?
You ca buy the full version here and follow these instructions right here.
to become a VIP-Courier to proceed further into the game.

I like to blog about your game?
That is very nice of you, we have a press-kit page with some content ready to be used. However I would like you to play the game so you can experience it.

How many hours of joy does this game provide?
About 40 hours for the main storyline.
and  another 50 hours + as a VIP courier.
With the side quests, it’s about 120 hours and more.
Besides that, there are PVP quests you can do only with another online player.
And a lot of hidden secrets to discover.

Does the game contain advertising?
The game is made for sponsorships to display adds occasionally.
However, we will reserve the right not to allow sponsors when we do think
it is not comprehended as it won’t fit the game or the audience. If you are willing to sponsor Tabbellarius in any manner please read more about sponsorship.

Why do I have to create two accounts (for game and shop orders)?
The account information is used to login to the game too see and interact with players (chat and PVP). It is also for accessing your progression and game data on the blockchain as well as the license key for the VIP accounts. However, the account made on this website or other websites for purchasing are different accounts and are not corresponding with your game account (maybe in the near future). The account created on this website is for ordering the license and to become an affiliate as for the game account is stored on the blockchain and mainly used for you as a player.

Do you support a partner programma?
Yes, you can participate in our affiliate program which benefit both you and me. After ordering a product you have created an account. On your account page, you find a link that you can send to your friends. When your friend places an order you receive a commission of the entire amount Your commissions can only be paid with PayPal and with a minimum of € 20,-.

Are you going to spam me when I provide my email?
No, we do not. The Email you provide on this website is used for sending you information about Crypchania updates and for verifying your account when you have access to a VIP account, sending updates and affiliates and nothing else.

Can I be forgotten?
Yes, you may, If you have any concerns about your privacy you can log in at your account. At the bottom of the page, there is an option to delete your account. However, the game account is stored on the blockchain. This means that the account, password and hash at the game cannot be forgotten or changed in anyway.

I received a license key in my mail,
You can use the serial number to activate a VIP account. In your inventory under “paper”, there is a book called: “The license-book”. Use it to enter the serial number to become a VIP account. (learn more).

Is there adult content in the game?
Yes, there is some, but certainly not overloaded. The option is also set to off by default. Although as an adult player you can switch the content on at the options menu and it will also be pointed out by Eveey after the tutorial is completed.
The adult content that we have contains some swear words, naked characters under the shower or in a bath, some hidden phrased to sexual appeal and some jokes that only are noticed by adults.
Leaving it off won’t affect the main storyline. However it will exclude you from participating some of the side quests, nude content will be blurred or removed and gambling is also not allowed. Keep in mind that there are bottles for display purposes in the pubs, these are not turned off or blurred, because they are well just bottles.

When can I except any updates from this project?
Anytime soon, Don’t kill me for it but I try to release every quarter an update with new quests, visuals, story progression, bug fixes, etc. I’m working on the game on a regular basis and any feedback, ideas, and bugs are happily received by me for adjusting and creating. Just contact me. if there are any concerns or misplaced content.

I noticed an update now what?
Clear the web-browser data if you play the browser version.
For the windows desktop installation;
Just download the latest setup, and re-install Crypchania, you are also good to go, there is no need to uninstall the game.
for the android just downlaod the apk file and reinstall it.

Do you offer a money-back when not satisfied?
No, we do not. Because players have the ability to play 20% of the game with the demo version. So after those players who want to become a VIP-Courier should be determined enough before making a purchase. However, we do offer support for the VIP-Courier players when needed. Because most products on this page are services and digital downloads, and thus cannot be returned, sorry if you are not satisfied with your purchase, do please contact me

Do you offer Vouchers to re-sell or give away to friends?
Yes we do. Well sell packages that containing 1 or more Vouchers per order.
The codes that are generated are send to you by email as soon as possible.
(this is not a automatic proces yet).

What do you accept for payment?
Credit card, PayPal and Ideal. The payments are processed by the third-party company Stripe. We may add new payment methods in the near future.

How does the interaction with Crypchania work?
The game can be played on mobile platforms with touch-input,  keyboard, mouse and controller. I personally like to hook my PS4 controller to my Windows PC by  (3d party software called DS4Windows). The X-box controller is already recognized by windows, and for the Nintendo-controllers can also be connected to a Windows PC by (3d party software called 360ce which support more controller types like a Logitech gamepad and dual shock3) 
the keyboard and the gamepad can be both configured in the options menu.

My game doesn’t run any solution?
Maybe, please check the solutions page. Here you will find known issues and fixes.

Isues and fixes:

Crypchania is crashing on Windows Desktop.

  • Make sure your hardware is suitable for running the game.
  • Install the latest system updates
  • Use the latest drivers.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the latest game.
  • Disable anti-malware, firewall and antivirus for not interfering. Sometimes their is a false positive on the game.exe because it is packed and compressed.
  • Try on Windows 10 to run the game in windows 7 mode or a different resulotion.
  • Run the game with administrator privileges.

The game is crashing on the (mobile) web browser.

  • Make sure your web browser is suitable for running the game (html5)
  • Install the latest system updates
  • Delete all the data files from the web browser’s cash.

There is an error showing.

  • Errors are very interesting for me as a developer. I would kindly ask you to send me the error with a note about what you did and your game username before the error occurred. You may contact me with the contact form. I can find your save data on the blockchain.

I glitched somehow now I cannot finish the quest.

  • If it is the main quest hopefully you didn’t save after you figured out that you have glitched around some events. Please provide your game account name and the quest you were doing so I can take a look. You may contact me with the contact form.

The character doesn’t interact with an event the way it should.

  • Make sure the event is necessary at the moment. If you are certain, please provide your game account name and information about what event and on what map this occurred so I will take a look. You may contact me with the contact form.

I have a disconnection message.

  • Whoops, that sometimes happens. This may be because the servers are down (sorry for that) and sometimes it is a connection issue on your side. Try to reconnect to the internet again or wait a few minutes. When the connection is restored you are able to play from where you have left off. Make sure not to refresh or close the game before you saved to the blockchain so hopefully, you won’t lose any progress.

The game starts at the beginning.

Sometimes the blockchain is processing a new block, this means that the data is stuck between blocks and the game can’t catch your saved game. Please refresh the game as fast as possible using F5, or on a mobile device by refreshing the browser. When ready, login again.

I have an issue using a joypad or a controller.

  • Make sure that you are using the latest driver.
  • Check the manual to see how to hook up the controller.
  • In the options menu, you find the controller configuration only when the Tabbellarius game recognizes a compatible controller.
  • At the FAQ page you find some links to third party software for hooking up a PS3/PS3 controller, nintendo pro controller and Xbox controller to your PC.

Other issues that are not mentioned here.

IF you have any other issues regarding; the Tabbellarius game, partner program, payments, this website or anything else please feel free to contact me.