Update 15-10-2018

Added a new function to the game in the way of some light…
With a flashlight used on batteries, which also gave me the idea of needing batteries for use of other devices like scotties beam (which prevents some brute forcing of the code lol). The lightning is pretty resource heavy and not really suitable for the webGL so I skip it for now but ready when needed for the windows, mac and linux versions of the game later this year. The main story however is almost complete about 70% and 30% needs to be written and figured out on the way. It is a whooping 8 to 10 hours long gameplay with a rush play trough skipping every side quest and taking the right path and choices. Which comes to the next thing is walk-trough that I’m working onĀ  with all ins and outs of #crypchania, character history, blockchain purchases etc.