28-8-2019 Update

This must be the last update for august. Just till three days left and time flies as always. Meaning it is almost a year ago since I got the beta version in public. This also means that it’s about two years before I figured out how to create a sprite, a map and added some controls to walk it around. Thanks to other developers there are complete libraries for this kind of need.

As for where are we standing: well I haven’t made any progress with the blockchain yet. Implementing an ERC20 token inside a game is… ‘Not easy’.
But then again, thanks to other developers there are libraries and complete kits to just create an ICO, a webpage with a wallet, etc. There are even some complete node packages ready for deployment. But it’s not my ambition to create the first game on a blockchain, because, I wouldn’t be the first anymore. There are a few game releases already, but most of them are just text based browser games. Nothing more like what I’m creating. So maybe I’l be the first in the end. I haven’t any ambition at the moment to going on-chain asap, for two reasons. The first reason is it is very hard to get players to play the game, without proper advertising. And two it is even harder to create a proper ICO with enough support to get into a serious software company.
The lack of a good team of programmers, communicators, marketing and everything else I could not think of that is needed for creating such an ICO a good start. Without a team behind it, there is no trust in this platform yet.

I hope to get some feedback from the people in the blockchain corner when I’m having an interview with Laurence Fishburne for the Information Matrix, which has a topic about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in September. The series airs on CNBC, CNN, Fox Business Network as well as other major networks. It’s nothing more than a conference call but holy shiny stars, this is Morpheus from the Matrix that I’m going to speak with about setting up a blockchain and such.

For creating a blockchain is pretty easy:

data – date – hash.
The data is inputted into a block, with a date and a timestamp the hash for the first block could be zero and is called the genesis block.
This information is then hashed with an algorithm/cypher/encryption or anything that gets a unique outcome depending on what you are hashing.

Then the hash outcome needs to be calculated till you have a certain outcome. Like for example, the last character of the hash needs to be a ‘Z” depending on the algorithm you are using of course.

So the algorithm is starting to hash the data and the date which changes from time to time, getting a different outcome of the hash. Once the hash meets the requirement the 1st block is formed and the next block is getting created with the data, the date and time, and this time the hash from the previous block is also inside the new to be created block. Then hashing until it meets the requirements again and the second block is created and so on, creating a chain of blocks. Hence the name blockchain comes from.

If any previous block is been edited the chain breaks because the hash is different for the next hash in the block. That’s why the blockchain is very secure in keeping data not being altered afterward.

So back to the things I really like, it is just creating stories and animations around characters. And yes I have added another five quests to the portfolio. From sad to happy and ridiculousness to a certain wow factor. It all happens in the world of Crypchania.