31 Januari 2019 update

The first update off 2019, Almost took a month to got it released.

Where we are right now: The main story is almost completed, but still it takes a few weeks to finish and wrap it up. Besides that, there are some mayor differences going on in the background, I won’t go into detail as it is mostly nodeJS based stuff like multi-threading which is now enabled on the nodeJS server and the blockchain, and some other things no one would notice like a second server which is hosted at a secret location :-).

But the things that players do notice I’m sure want to talk about that:
I’m proud to have a few songs that are added to the game, just by asking artists if I could use the songs in game, they where alright, although some has conditions to play it. That’s taking care off as we speak. One of the conditions where to live-stream it from their website, which is a good thing because it won’t cost me bandwidth, and some links / credits to the artists webpage are shown when the song is played. For now most of these songs are at the dragons pub for a side-quests, where Mia will talk about the updates in small. In the future I will create some more of these pubs so the player can catch some breath after a heavy fight, which takes us to the next major (small) update.

There is now a hud in the upper left corner for player to notice. The hud displays the current health and the max health as well. Because the battle system setup is mixed by turn based battles and click and attack fights when a player reaches a certain level. This integrated because I don’t want to let player loose their time by entering battles with weak enemies compared to their own level of skill. They just click on them, get a few damage depending on the armor the have equipped and destroy the enemy in a instant. This will speed up things when players are backtracking for side-quests or need to get a-cross for the next area.

The lightning could now be turned off and on, which allows me to have more lightning in different area’s to get some more detailed area’s. This is something that is going to be a huge undertaking for me to give every area different lightning sources.
I wouldn’t want to have to much lights before because it is resource heavy which makes the game lag for the mobile and web browser players as the lights are renderred trough the WEB-GL. By turning of the lightning completely those users are not experiencing any lag or power drainage anymore, but they lose some lightning effects from the inside area’s like houses and caves. But when do have the time to play it on a desktop PC be sure to turn on the lights to taste the cool 2D graphics Crypchania has to offer.

Mini-Games, I love mini-games in a big game like Crypchania, could be a simple tetris, pacman or a slot machine. It will let users take some other challenges like the fishing and the simple higher lower games. So I have decided to add a slot machine. There are three modes so you won’t loose all the SQUARES at once hehe… There is also no cheating as when you lose to slot machine your game is saved to the blockchain right after the moment the wheels of the slot machine stops spinning.

When you want to see what I just talked about: check out this 7 minute youtube movie at the bottom, where Mia explains it in small and you could skip the movie to here where June is starting to sing her song.

Happy gaming.