Final battle on the first playthrough

The first playtrough and to this stage all known bugs are squeezed. The story has a beginning, middle, some sideways and an end for now. As I still enjoy putting time in this project, I keep up doing what I do in the next year. Which will be filling the game with more content till this stage of the story  As it seems there is a lot of filling the world up with more side-quests, secrets, and arts and sounds.  Although it seems that the hero of the game, does not have what it takes to defeat the evil one for saving the world #crypchania, but as you maybe know from my Squareders novels (which I still need to complete) I just love happy endings.

I’m not sure if this game is still suited for the #blockchain as was the purpose. the blockchain technologie is not yet ready to accept large amounts of transfers without hiking up the network what you sometimes notice when saving the game data as well as if it is cost efficient enough. But then again, who knows there is still room for blockchain in the game itself or for creating game-servers in the future, but I need help with this one. #Blockchain and the tech behind it is to complicated for just a one men show, that is what happening now. Next year I will be hoping for some donations and advertisers to fund some resourced needed to get a blockchain programmer looking at my code and if still possible (which I try to be possible inside the code of my own) to implement the blockchain, but therefore the blockchain integration is put on hold for that time.

I still have to give that interview to my childhood hero; (Morpheus from the matrix)  Laurence Fishburne. for who is doing a documentary about the blockchain tech and the future. The Interview will be about my old Squareware company and also on giving my opinion on the blockchain itself, which I look forward for doing so. How can I refuse Morpheus if even Neo couldn’t right?

So I expect that this will be the last update for the year 2018. I hope for everyone to have a good year in 2019. And I keep the updates posted.
And when you are ready, the ending of the game and the soundtrack: