Update mountain town

Mountain town is one of the main towns of #crypchania. Here is where most of the quests are given as well as information as where to go next. The town really needed an update because it was pretty flat for a town in the mountains. So I added some flowers, trees, redesigned the houses and water. But most part was the leveling of the ground. This way it get some depth as well some routes that can be walked by. But why don’t you take a look for yourself. As you noticed there was a bug in with the tree / tower combination in the movie. But this is fixed of course. I’m not sure if the background sound is ok enough, but later I will add some more background sound as a random integer. So it will be a surprise every time you walk in. Talking about surprises, have you noticed the two way-points on the floor.. It is now empty, but there will be some kind of dungeon / cave behind the wall pretty soon. But how do you active those? Well, you need to figure that out by yourself… And you should like the facebook page, to get you updated with the latest news of #crypchania.