Part 1


As it seems you and a girl named Eveey are on the edge of death but you were saved by some unknown group who can’t reveal themselfs by following some sort of code. After the small intro, you wil see a black screen with some credits rolling up. You wake-up inside a tent. Talk to girl (Eveey) on the south. She will join your party.

If you want to change your skin you have limmited options in the mirrorland when clicking te mirror. After that go to the south where the entrance to the tent is located. Eveey starts a conversation. Hit yes, when you are ready.

She explains some stuff about the game and opens up the menu for you. Equipe your character with some equipment and exit the menu. When outside the converstation continues and she gave you some save crystals. Because you are logged in, the save crystals allows you to save your game to the blockchain. If you want to skip the tutorial scene, open the menu and select Scottie beam or through the items, key items, scotties beam. Enter 55555. This will get you straight to her uncles house. But you miss some stuff that is highly recommended getting it to help you progress further along the way, so better not to skip.

If you are starting ask a friend to join you on your quest, this way you can easely get some good stuff through the pvp puzzles along the way.

When you are outside the tent: the first obstacle is a rock that needs to be pushed into the water. No big deal, but it is a way to get you familiar with pushing objects with puzzles. If you want to know about the traffic light, hit it. In short: the traffic light controls the boat. Don’t forget to visit the fishing pond. No go down to the bridge and enter it. A little scene will pop-up Try to avoid any explanation, it is way too long. After the bridge, go inside the house in the north. Chek by the window and Eveey askes you to sneak in. Answer no for a small cutscene. When you are inside the house. Don’t touch anything because you get too much explanation. Now go to the east bookcase and a switch is flipped. Now go outside and there is a hole with a rope in the ground. Enter the small dungeon, walk to the west there is a stone blocking your path. On the east is an ice slide that will lead you further down. In the next room, you and Eveey are separated. You need to figure out the puzzle on your own. You see two switched and two statues. First is to push the south statue to the south, and then to the east. Now the north statue you need to push to the east and then to the south (it will hit the south statue). Now push the east statue to the west and then north and west again so its hitting the switch. Now for the south statue push it north, then west, and then south and west again to hit the other switch. A bridge is magically formed and you can now reach to Eveey. But first make sur that you sget the XL-poption from the north east corner to help her. A conversation begins and she feel sorry that it goes so wrong. Now go to the pentagon and you are transported back to the room where you started. Hit the stone and the screen shakes. Now go back outside. It is al snowy and there is no way for you to leave the erea anymore. Get back inside the house, get the skull out from the fireplace. Walk back to the hole and walk to the west again. Get the skull on the stone, the screen shakes and everything returns back to normal. The builder in front of the cave is gone now.

Tip: Some lightning use a lot of computer resources and it could lag on some mobile devices. Best way is to use a desktop / laptop for this kind of dungeons. Or switch of the lightning off through the menu.

Now go back the the world map. You notice the rock in front of the cave has been moved so you can enter it. Inside it’s pitch black, be sure to grab the candles and use them when you need to. Hit the three statue’s for some clues. Now take the path on the east and follow it to the north. You notice a lava wall. Walk to the west and eventualy you see a different piece of path. Now hit the lavawall. and you enter some other dimension room. Walk north and a little converstation starts. Touch the grave on the east side (no other or you can start over again). You will be transported back to the entrance and you noticed that the hatche is now open. Go through the hatch and go outside.

Call the boat and enter it float to the waterfall and hit it. You enter a small room with a ladder and a light. Go out of the boat, hit the ladder and go north and then straight west. There are some cracks on the wall. One of those cracks will get you to the jackpot room. There is a chest with 100 SQUARES inside, to help you start the game. More to the north is also a chest containing a magix-key for the gate outside. Go back to the world map.

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