Part 2

II Real adventure almost begins.

First thing todo is to make sure you are at least level 5. Go to the inn (north east from the lava cave and ask arround to get your lvl 5 permit fom the with long hair and a beard. If you talk to him again after he gaves you the permit, he shows you for a one time only some cheap weares that are realy good for buying if you have enough Squares. If you have Rover in your party you see a reward for a lost dog on the counter which is a nice touch.

Tip: If you are strong enough and rover is in your party around lvl 8 go to the fireplace at the inn to see a hidden passage to the a part of the bat cave. Defeat yuffi and her crew, which has a code to unlock the chest.

With the permit open the fence to another part of the world. After openeing the gate your characters says something to chek on eveey. Go back to the oasis, through the lavacave, and to the small world map and eveey will follow you saying: to go to her uncles house. As it seems the uncles is sick of some infection. Go inside the house of the uncle and there is a small scene. Eveey gets also infected and you need to battle her. The choises you make for this battle will have consequenses for the development of the rest of the game:

[1]The best economical choise is to battle her and let her die.

[2]Escape when you are in battle and find a cure

[3]Escape and not find a cure.

The best way is to fight her and let her die by defeating her. After that there is a small scene and you will shutdown the lavacave with a rock so the infection wont spread to the rest of crypchania. This way its also impossible to go to this area of the map. When you are transported to the lava cave, go to the north and then to the east side of the cave. There is now acces to a stairs wich lets you go down. Walk arround on the island and a large spider appears. Try to defeat it. If not, you are transported back to the level 5 inn. Heal up before you go outside If you have defeated it, you get your first trophy item: big spider leg and you can open the chest. The leg is one of the things needed much later in the game for the desert pit fight but is also optional.

Tip: You can do all kinds of side quests before you go through the lvl 5 permit gate. The first few hours are just for exploring the area and the towns to collect items, weapons, armor and squares before you take off to the next area which is much more difficult as you give Rover back to his owner, you have lost a partymember, which heals you in battle.

Now walk back to the gate so you can move more to the west to go to the western isles. Or if you want do some more explorering and side quests it’s up to you. When ready go to the permit gate level 5 again and If Rover is in your party, there is a girl waiting and she tells you, that you have her dog. You give -Rover- back and in return you get 50 SQUARES. It is recommended to do some sidequesting to leveling up, or not you can go straigt to chapter III when you have the lvl 5 permit.

Like the side quest Coinwarez for finding a cure for Eveey.

And you should go to Mountain town which is located to the north. You need to go through the bat-cave wich has two entrances. One is located at the lvl 5 inn. From there go north east. The exit for the mountain town is a path with some pillars and two statues. When you are at the mountain town be sure to buy some mountain town scrolls at the gift shop to return there quickly. There are also some people that need your help: Hit them for the quests, or don’t its up to you and go the chapter III.

-The little girl that has felt down and needs an anti-KO. If you have it you are done. If not, she will steal your money and hides inside the store. Find her again and she gives you some soup in return.

-if you don’t have wind magix skill talk to the green pointy hat which near the felt down girl. She teaches you Wind.

-North at mountain town you will see a girl with brown hair, doing the laundry her brother has gone to the ice cave to the east but has not returned. You will accept this quest to look for him. In the middle of the ice cave the brother has felt down into a big hole. You need to bring him a anti-KO so he lives. Then take the letter back to his siter at the mountain town.

-North East there is a small girl who have lost her doll. It has been taken by a bat. Go to the batcave and defeat some bats. Go south the encounter the right bat . The doll for the girl will apear at some moment. But You need to defeat the righ BAT. Don’t worry if you don’t find the doll straight away. But be sure to defeat all the bats you came accross to level up. Return it to her for some basic items.

-Inside the cloth shop there is a dressing room with some closed red curtains. Hit the curtains and a battle begins. You need to fight a half naked girl because she is mad at you for peeking. When you have defeated her, you get a bikini. Take the bikini to the boy who is peeking outside. He will give you 24 SQUARE for every bikini you came across. After five bikini’s (spread around the world) a new sidemission begins.

Now go to the east and enter the ice cave. North west at the end of the path you find naked fairy. Now go back to the east there is a rope hanging on the edge. Go down and the brother will ask for some items. If you don’t have it, the brother dies. Leaving you a letter of his death. When he lives he gives also a letter with good news. Go back and again to the north to exit the cave. You came to the cold lands. as for now, go inside the iglo. An old couple are here and a mirror to change, if you want to. The old woman needs some wood. and the old men says he lost his glasses and a scorpion got it.

No go back outside, south east of the cold lands there is a fishing opound. Enter it to activate the fishing mining game. If you have the east pound a chest wil appear on the bottom. Use the master rod and a XL hook to get the chest which contains a flute. Go back through the cave or use the fast travel if you want to the abondond tower. Go back to the oasis and a boat appears. Go inside the boat and to the north east, there is a small part with a chest containting a lvl1 shield and 5x wood. Hit the chest and the scorpion for the glasses. Go back to the world map, straigt north to the bat cave. Take the path to the west if you think you are strong enough. There are some signs liek ‘keep out’on the wall. And there is a single bat flying arround. Try to hit him and when you do A battle apears. The screen goes dark and a big dad bat appears. Try to defeat him, if not you die, lose some SQUARES and are in the inn. If you do defeat him, you wil get an key item bid bat wing. Hold on to it.

Now try your way through the cave from the east hopefully you will defeat a bat wich holds the doll. of not, no worries. Go back to the mountain town to complete the quests. Go to the north to deliver the letter. If the brother had died, you get some less experience if the brother lives. The girl is happy which gives you some more items and experience. Now if you have found the doll in the bat cave, go to the girl on the east.



-=-=- Side quest – PVP trial path-=-=-

Needed: save crystal (for every try). Award: 500 Squares – pvp lvl 5 trail trophy.

Visit the abondonned tower with a friend. Go to the south-west corner of the tower. Here you will find two gateways. You and your friend need to stand on both of them. Then you are transferred to the pvp trail. Here you need to hit some switches and push some rocks to help each others. Be carefull of the black canon-balls at the beginning and at the end, when one of you is hit by one, you are transfferd both back.





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