Part 3

III North castle

As you go inside the inn, for your permit you will notice that the permit guy is not there. So if you want to go to the western isles you need to be level 15 to get the permit. As you ask around the inn you notice that the permit guy is arrested. You need to free him first from the North castle prison. After the permit 5 gate go north, pass the mansion, and you see a bridge with the north castle behind it. Enter the bridge and talk to the soldier. He says you need to find the carpenter to fix the bridge. Go back to the world map and walk east to see an apple tree between the trees and the mountains. Enter it for the apple curse story. Enter the big door and go to the west. Take the climbing plant and go down the hole. There is a puzzle room with a clockcounter. Try to find your way out (it won’t go wrong if you take the time). Get up the stairs and open the locked door to be save. Now go back down the stairs and open the chest. Go back up the stairs and another stairs to get you outside. Walk west to go into in the apple waterfall area. There is a soldier by the water, he won’t let you pass because of a curse. But you need to pass there to go to the market where the carpenter is. first go down south east cave. You notice some blobs you need to fight. The treusure is hidden behind the pilar. Go back and go to the most west cave and enter it. Now you find a apple key. Then go back to the map and go to the south-west entrance. You are in a room with six pilars fight the blobs and go to the east, in the corner there is a chest for the Square key. Now go back to the map and enter the north east cave. there is a room with 2 pilars. Go the to east and you will see your first gate you can unlock with the SQUARE key. Go further and you notice barrels at the wall. The cracked barrel contains a pentagon key. Now go back to the map and back into the south-west cave with the six pilars. Now go to the east where you found the square key and to the north for another gate. You use the pentagon key to open it. Now move further to the north and you notice two rocks an a chest. The chest contains the circle key. Now go back to the map, and go to the north east cave again, the room with the two pilars. Nog continue your pathtill you hit another gate where you use the cirkle key. Move further and you will come to a room with an empty box. The next gate you use the apple key on it. And then you have to fight a skeleton boss. IF you win, you get a triangle key. use it on the chest to open it to get a key with a skull. Now go back to the map and enter the north east gate. There is one blob and further a chest with just a flower. Now use the skull key on the gate and go further your path.Now you are in another boring cave, walk to the west and you see a Non or some sort by the water. Hit her for some scene. Now go the north when there is a T in the path go east. And at the next T, go east again. Zigzag your way through and when you are at the middle T-section again go north. and go west or east and then north, the next T-section go east and you see a ladder. Now you are in the royal apple kitchen. Hit the maid for a converstation, she says you need to go to the librarian. Go out the kitchen, go to the stairs in the middle which brings you to the second floor. On the east side there is the librarian. Altough, there is a book that is moving arround hence the apple curse. you can ask the book some question. the most important to trigger the quest is the “how can I help?”. If you want you can ask some other stuff. After that you know enough to end the converstation. NOw go another floor up you are in the trhone room. The queen has become a statue, because of the curse. Go to the south and another soldier is blocking your path. Give him some flowers and he will let you through. Now hit the king, and he gives you a certificate. Also when you are beneath level 20? He makes another note for you so you can get the legendary apple sword. If not, you are on your own. Now go two levels down where the kitchen is. On the east-west side there is the weapons room. Go there if you are lower then level 20. The gaurds tells you you are a WIMP and he gives the apple sword to you that allows you to use the ultimo spell, which is pretty strong. Now if you want, you can level up your character if you want to with easy, because of the sword. When you have the sword go to the west again to use the main entrance to go outside the apple castle. In the garden, there is a barrel, hit it to have a secret passage to the basement (where the Non let the grave float). Go the the east side back to the cave and follow the path back to the map. Now go to the soldier who is standing on the bridge. Show him the kings certificate and he let you pass. Now you are in the watterfall Area, go east and climb some hills and fight some skeletons to the north. Then go west across the bridge and go east you see a house. go inside the house and you notice a whitch, fight her and if you win you have the apple-cure. now go outside on the east there is a wooden board you can use to float across. And try your way back into the castle. First go to the libiarian and use the apple cure on him. He turns back to normal. Now go to the throne room and use the apple-cure on the queen. She turns from statue to normal. A scene appears and she slaps you lol, and walks to the king. Follow her for another scene. Here comes the whitch that turns the queen to monster you need to fight. When you win, all is explained. You return the apple-sword to the formal king and the which takes you outside the castle. here you can follow a link to crypchania and let all your social media friends know you have lifted the apple curse. And you get a scottie beam code 316773 for returning when you want.

You are transferred to the house of the whitch. She says that she opens shop soon for some magix and stuff. Now go south and when you are on the map hit the chest. Go west to some sort of forest. Walk the path to go the the market. When you are on the market go to the weaponshop. On the west side you the carpenter. Altough he is asleep and you can’t wake him up without wake-up salt. Ask the shop keeper and buy some weapons / armor when you want to. Now it is your turn to figure out where to get the wake-up salt. So start asking arround for some clues. But the best clue comes from the liberian at the apple castle. use the scottie beam code 316773 to return to apple castle. Go to the liberian and He says you need him to give the Squareders.1 book. Now you should ask arround some people but the book will be found with the old couple in the cold-lands. Go there and be sure to bring some wood for the fire and at least 5 SQUARES. Now hit the old woman to start a fire and again for getting the Sqaureders.1 book. Now go to the old guy to give him back his glasses (you got from the scorpion remember?) He will gives you a item in return. Use again the scottie beam code 316773 to return to the castle or walk and defeat bandits and monsters to level yourself up. Go back to the librarian and he will gives you a random code (write it down or remember it). Go from the castle back to the world map. there you need to follow the river to the south and you will see a cave with a gate and to the west the INN for this erea. if you are level 15 or above, go inside the inn and asked arround for where the permit guy is. He has been arrested. Now go back outside, And use the code the liberian gave you in to unlock the gate. Enter the salt cave, up north you see some tracks. When you follow the track through the wall you get in a small room with a chest. Open the chest to get a key. go back to the entrance and this time take the west path. And when you cross some bars go south and then west, here you can unlock the gate and follow the path to a room where you find yuffie. Fight the avalanche crew, which are just members of final fantasy VII, cloud, Aearis, Tifa, barret, vincent, cloud and cid. When you defeat them a converstation happens. and yuffie dissapears to the cave entrance. Hit yuffie again for some explenation. She tels you that she cant return to her own village, but she would love to have a memoir of the old times (just like in the original game?). Now go to the middle of the cave where is a hole in the ground. There is another dungon cave that brings you outside to the world map. But first you should collect the skill from the pentastarby doing a small annoying puzzle. First you see a swith on the north east. Hit it and walk to the platform. Push the statue to the west. Then walk all the way back to the switch and hit it again. No go back to the platform and hit the north east switch. Push the statue to the south. Go back to the north east switch and hit it again. Then walk back to the platform and push the statue to the east. Walk back to the north east switch and hit it again. Walk back to the platform and hit the south-west switch. Now finnish the puzzle by pushing the statue on the switch. TIP: If you are stuck with the puzzle hit the blue button switch to reset it and also make sure to turn of the switch before you walk to another switch (sometimes the switches get blocked by an ice rocks). Before you walk to the pentastar make sure that all the switches are turned off Go stand in the middle and a ghost appears A conversation begins and you earn a skil. Go from the cave exit to the west for the wootang village, you cant miss it.

When you enter the wootang village, ask around the old woman by the vegetable field. Go to the south side follow the river to the north and cross the wooden bridge. There is a guy walking between the trees. hit him for a conversation. Now go inside the wooden roof house and hit the guy. Try to enter the bedroom for some scenes. Go outside and enter the blue house. (where the stones are on the ground). Hit the guy to start another converstation. Try to get into the bedroom if you want. Now go outside and go to the red house on the north east side of the bridge. This is yuffies old house. There are a couple of teddy bears You want to hit the grey teddy straight away to take it. If you don’t you need to start all the converstation again. When you have the grey teddybear, go back to the salty cave. Here you notice that yuffie is no longer at the entrance, but she left you a note. Read it and go to the mountain town. Go through the batcave and if you didn’t already, try to find the bat which hold the doll for the girl. When you are in the mountain town, yuffie is sitting in the south east side of town, in front of the cafe. Talk to her, she becomes available for Summoning her in battle. Give her the teddy bear. In return choose the “Well…” answer for an extra 1000exp. Talk to Yuffie again to receive the wake-up. If you do have the doll also return to the girl north east to give her doll back you got from on of the bats. Go back to the market (scottie beam code 316773) or walk to it. Wake-up the carpenter. He tells you that he will fix the bridge but that you need to help the market people. You can’t leave the market but the path to the forest is openned. First ask the shop keeper, she says that she want you to find a package.Go outside hit the white dressed girl to open shop. She mentioned that she has a book. If you have the money, buy the squareders.2 book you need it later. She askes you to find five chickens. Now ask the kitty, She tells you that she want a red fish. If you have a red fish give it straigt away. behind the kitten to the north there are two tents. The armor sign you need to fight another undressed girl (if you are strong enough). The east tent is a guy that needs five honey. To the south hit the girl with the thea-pot sign, she wants you to defeat 20 forest enemies. More to the south another girl who is french. She will ask you to bring her 10 champignons, which are just musshrooms.

No from the french girl go the the south again to find the first honeycomb. Now go to the west to the river. Try to fish the chest up using the master rod and an XL hook to find a flute. Also try to fish for some red fish for the kitty. Now go into the forest. Walk south a little and hit the chikken. Now cross the bridge an go back north and climb the tree. In the corner you see a champignon. Go back to the market and get another honey comb and a chicken. Go back to the forest climb down and go south for two more mushrooms, cross the bridge. for another musshroom and behind the tree to find the box for the weapon shop keeper. Move a little east for another honey comb and two musshrooms till you hit the corner.Go a little back to the south and walk across the edge to find another chikken. Go back and walk east again to cross another bridge.Take the path to the west side and follow it which let you find: 1 chikken, 1 honey comb and 1 musshroom.No go back to where you came from and take the east path follow it and you will come across: 1 chikken, 1 honey comb and 3 musshrooms. IF you defeated all the spiders on the map that are 11 in total. Now leave the map, and go back to bring the spiders back. Defeat them till you have 20 spiders. When you are ready, go back to the market and hit every shop keeper to let them know or to bring back the stuff that they want. Some will give you some sale on the stuff they sold you before. When you are ready, go to the Weaponshop A scene will appear where you go to sleep. When you wake up go outside and go to the east exit of the market where you will see the carpenter. Ask him and he let you know that the bridge has bin fixed. Hit the soldier, he can escort you to the worldmap, trhone room and the which shop.Go to the bridge with the castle to the north. The bridge is fixed so you can now go inside the north castle.At the castle go south for a small smith and go south from the corner to find a chest with containts 25 save crystals.(just to be sure you can save anytime you want). Go inside the castle. And go to the north and when you hit a wall go west and norht againgo straigt up the stairs. Go to the east and ask the queen. She is a little harsh and she wants to kill you. But you say yo help herto get her hairpin back. go back to the world map and walk to the east to the mansion. Enter the mansion and go to the first floor In one of the rooms a creepy doll has the hairpin. Take the hairpin and go back to the castle again. Go to the queen, and give her back the hairpin. Now go back to the south side and use the stair to go down. But before that the guard whispers to you to come to him,Walk to the guard and he let you pass once and even gives you a lock-pick set. Go inside the dungon. past the guards. Fight some bandits and first fo to the south east. There you see two guys fighting. Hit him and a battle begins. Now when you win you have get a teleporting crystal, to get someone out of the prison. Now that you have the teleporting crystal walk to the west where you use another lock-pick. This room has a ghost in it that likes you to sleep. Go sleep if you let eveey die, if not, then only sleep when you need to to recover your health (this will trigger the ghost mission). Now you notice that the ghost is gone and so is some of your money. Now go to the north-east side of the

prison basement where the permit guy is. Pick the lock of the door and hit the permit guy. Give him the teleporting crystal to get him out of prison. The same goes for you, back to the world map.Now that the permit guy is out of prison, go back to the inn, or let yourself die (it will cost you a few SQUARES and experience).Get the lvl 15 permit from the permit guy and if you want use the one time only shop from him to buy good cheap stuff.Now go back to the mansion to start the ghost mission to get eveey back alive first before you enter the desert and the pit fights mission.



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