Part 4

IV – To the western isles

Go To the desert gate where you need the level 15 permit and walk southwest where you see another gate. Enter it to enter the forgotten forest. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the path but do not worry, never go through the routes where the walls are just one character high, it is empty and you won’t find anything there. Walk to the west side where a wooden board lies into the water. Here you see some scrolls which shows you how to build a raft. Now walk through the whole map to find all the material for the raft which is scrambled amongst the map. Some of the items are not suitable for the raft like a rotten chair, table, cracked pot etc, let them be. Where you find the rope you need to fish for a chest. when you have all the 9 pieces, go back to the wooden board in the water (which is also a piece) then a scene will apear where you create the raft (sort of). When the raft is done, it will dive of without you. But don’t panic, follow the river if you can to the south where the raft is lying. Now enter the raft and drive of to the south for a chest. And back to the nort for a chest. Move north to exit the forest and be back into the world map. When you are at the beach get out of the raft and enter wherethe light house is. However, on the beach, you have a lot of people lying in the sun [ask them for some simple quests]. The children who are playing with the beach-ball are an easy one to archive. The first time you need to click the boy on the west 50 times so the ball bounces west and east between the two. You will receive an old tablet (needed to get to the Western Isles). The second time you need to click him 500 times. You receive 20 save-crystals and 20 anti-ko. If you want you can give it another go for 5.000 times, which is absurd for what you get. Which to receive 99 save-crystals and 99 anti-ko. You could set a macro up so that you can leave the computer for the night.

With the old tablet, you need to go back to the desert as you see a ship that stranded the middle of the desert. Hit it and you’ll see that the water is gone beneath the ship. Ask the red-dressed captain, better known as Cap’n Morgane And ask her what has happened. You tell her you to go find a solution. With the old tablet you got from the beach children: You need to have it translate it in order to enter the ice temple. Go to the apple castle and talk to the guy outside the castle. He got the final translation, you can sell the tablet if you want, you don’t need it anymore. If you have fully translated and sold the old tablet, you are good to go. Go inside the ice-cave east of the world map. Walk to the northeast corner, there is a temple. Try open the door and a voice speaks to you: what do scars do. your answer (using the letters to spell the word:) going. Doing it east, the temple door will open.

Go inside and there should be a portal to a secret town Snowvänia. Snowvänia seems abandoned, but the houses have lights in them. Go straight up. There is a house in the west you need to enter. On the first floor, there is a guy who tells you about the pirates and the ice fairy. Now go back outside and walk to the east there are some trees where you can walk through and up the hill, there is a door where a key is needed. Snow has the key obviously, so walk back and you figure out he is no longer at the house on the west. Instead, walk to the platform where you enter the town. Snow tells you that he west the key under some bed. Now as this is a random quest, the key could be anywhere. Start searching the beds of all the houses till you find the key. When you have it, go back to the door and enter it. Inside the castle wall there is not much, so walk straight north and enter another door. Now, this is the road to the ice-Fairy. Just defeat the monsters, and when halfway there is a cave where you can rest up and save your process. When ready go further north where a throne stands on top of the hill. touch the crystal and there is a trap that lets you fall inside a new cave. Here a conversation starts with the ice-fairy. And then a fight. If you win the fight, you are transferred back to the ice cave with a frost magix crystal and the snowballs in the desert are melted.

However, if you lose, snow comes to the rescue. He tells you that the fight with the fairy has decreased her powers so that the ice-balls are melted. So either way, you can’t lose this fight. But you don’t have the magix-frost crystal if you lost the fight to her. Don’t go back to the fairy, because you can’t fight her anymore. Now that the water has returned under Cap’n Morgane’s ship you can go to the western isles. go back to the desert and hit the ship or use the sb: 685963. The water has been raised. Jump across to get to the chest, with almost nothing in it. Morgane tells you about Jhonny, and she gives you his leg, you can equip it as a bat if the stats are higher then your own weapon. When ready talk to Morgane and she takes you to the ship, now walk around doing nothing but pay attention to the items that floating by, you need to remember them /write it down as they are randomly generated, box, beach ball, kwab, and a boat. Times go by and she yells there is something up. A giant kwab shows up. If you win this battle you receive a Big ooze crystal. If not, nothing is the matter you can fight it when you are returned to the desert, the scene continues and the ship is being attacked by a man-o-war or something.
Canon balls fly over you and Morgane yells that you need to fire back. Be careful not to get hit by any cannonballs. Hit the two middle canons 25 times to fire them, and after that, the enemy ship is gone. Now watch the birds fly by and a storm is coming. Morgane falls overboard and you are passed out by the lightning that struck you. A scene appears with it seems the same guys that rescued you earlier at the beginning of the game. After that, you wake up on the beach of the Wester-Isles with Morgane in your party. There is a Vulcano that is about the erupt etc.

The first thing you want to go is to go inside the mansion. Morgane falls through the floor and you need to find her. The first room has four candles that need to be put all the candles out. When done correctly, a hidden passage on the west opens. Go to the passage and you see a chest, which has a combination lock. Now, check the mirror and turn yourself into a rat. Go back to the main hall and in the middle, you see a fireplace, where you can crawl through. Go north and then east to see a carton-box, with a note in it. Write down the combination / remember it. Because it is a randomly created number, nobody can help you further if you lose it. Now go back to the room with the mirror, change yourself back to the main skin without the hat and apply the number combination on the chest. Here is the key to the door on the east side of the hallway. Now go to the next room into the basement. Here is another obstacle for you to overcome. Remember the stuff that floated inside the water on the way over here, if you did write it down, now it’s the time to open the gate. beachball, carton box (open), rock, kwab, speed boat. If all answered correctly you can enter the next room, if not, try again and again, they even created a savepoint here because its time consuming before you figure out the right answers. In the next room, there are 8 switches. the two on the wall are for resetting when you need it. You can’t go wrong with this one. When done east, there is a flying table (carpet). Go sit on it and it floats you to the next room. Now ignore all the switches, and hit the flying table. You are angry about being stuck and you hit the table so it is half the room. Jump on it to come across. Now go to the statue with the shield and sword. You take the shield and the statue disappears leaving a button to press. Now you can go back across where the fountain and door are gone and a waypoint has appeared. Go through the waypoint and you are in a room full of gold. To the east there is a Squareders.3 book on the table, go inside the bed and a scene with Morgane appears. After the scene, you could go to the kitchen, but it isn’t necessary, go once again back in the bed and watch the scene. After a wonderful night, it seems the volcano has erupted. The room is on fire and you need to get out. Run east and jump over the balcony, now go above the gold there is a bucket of water. Take it with you to the kitchen to put out the fire. Now on the west side, you see a little light shining through the wall, hit it before you can go through. Now you are in the cave. Take the chests and hit the builders, two of them crumble so you can make your way through the back and forth when you want to. If you want to go south outside to see the mansion burn, otherwise go north, a few more chests and walk the stairs. Now you are in the cave connected to the forgotten ruin (inside the forgotten forest). Make your way south to the exit Get the paper that is hanging there for the next lead to where to go. Walk the edge and a scene appears that is the end of the adventure with Morgane. She gives you her eyepatch and she takes off in a hurry to find treasures inside the ruin. To enter the ruins, you need another player to hit the switch to open up the ruin. Inside there are two creepy figures that are not evil. You could ask about Morgane on one of them, but it isn’t anything spectacular worthy. You should be around level 25 at this moment, if you are not, then you need to level up quickly to get the permit from the Desert permit guy. Doing some quests or plain fighting enemies is up to you.

Tip: Fighting enemies at the snowfields are easy and gives you a lot of exp to quickly level up. In the middle of the map, there is a resting cave where you can save and heal for free. Make sure to bring some magix water with you for using the freeze magix on the slimes.

Life after death

Desert Banditos

Desert Fighting pit

Desert Fighting pit I

Desert Fighting pit II

Desert Fighting pit III

June and Jane

PVP – Hidden sheep level

Restaurant Deliveroo

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