Part 8

Chapter VIII Yoka’s castle.

From the underwater world cave, you need to go west to find Yoka’s castle. Before you enter to make sure you save outside of the castle and Switch to desktop because of the lag on some mobile devices. The room is filled with monsters so be very careful, because some of them will revive after you hit some switches. Which is pretty annoying. First, you need to walk to the north. On the westside there is a stone wall that doesn’t allow you to go west. Follow the commodore to the east and you walk by a broken stone. This will be activated later. Now when you see a fence hit the stone so it is turned blue. Now walk back to where you came from as you notice the rocks are gone. Move further west and follow the commodore. There is another stone that you must hit. Now you can walk all the way back to the broken stone which looks like fixed. Hit it so it turns blue. Now go back south walk all the way west and up. Hit the first stone that is blue and switch it off. Now walk back to the entrance and from there walk west. Hit the stone so it is turned blue. If you want you can take the ladder to find a chest on the roof. Then go east past the entrance and hit the tile so that it turns blue. Walk back to the northeast and you are good to go. You can check if the southwest tile is turned blue and the ladder is not showing. Then you can go up to the stairs. Save your game to heal up. Now walk to the commodore and here you will notice all the people you have spoke and helped before.
Note that if Eveey is not alive, she will be there as a green form and she takes 10 levels from you away. So make sure that you have healed her or revived her through the ghost story before you continue. After this Yoka awaits. Talk to him and a battle begins.

If you are strong enough but I doubt that you are the first time. You are defeated. The screen turns black and you are between life and death. The Former Apple Queen starts to speak to you she tells you that you need to go to the librarian and say the word ‘Junami’ which is an apple species. After that, you are getting several shocks. As it seems you are being saved by the same group as at the beginning of the game. And you wake-up inside a container in Neon-city.
Go to the librarian of the apple castle and enter the word Junami exactly like this.

The librarian then believes you and tells you that the neckless of endings is guarded by the south castle. But if you remember Morgane raided the church so she must have the neckless. Try to find Morgane at the mountain town pub. If she is not there then she may be at the dragon castle. She tells you that the neckless has been swallowed by the Kraken. You need a special fish to lure him.

Make sure that you have a master rod and a few M size fishing hooks. Now go to Yoka’s castle and walk south on the world map to see a fishing spot. From time to time there is a weird looking fish with a lot of colors. Catch it. Then go to the abandoned tower and walk all the way to the back. There is some water. Now you are asked to throw something in the water. Select the special fish. And the screen shakes and a giant octopus comes for a fight. Although it’s not a regular fight… You need to find the neckless that is laying somewhere in his belly. Because it is random, make sure to check every corner. Try to avoid the crabs, seahorses and jelly fish. If you almost out of HP there find the potion that is randomly placed. Grab the neckless and you are transferred back to the abandoned tower. Now equip the newfound neckless which will learn you the magix spell ‘the end’.

With ‘The end’ skill, challenge Yoka again. If you have the neckless it does not matter if you win or die. You will always win. But it seems that you lose some of your levels if you lose. The best way is to cast ‘The end’ right away on him. He will make the last move before he falls on the ground. The screen flashes turning Yoka into a skeleton. When the screen turns back to normal, Brandon walks up to you and start a small conversation. As it seems the package is no longer here. So you decide to go once again back to the future to see if there is any information about the whereabouts of the agent, while Brandon goes back to his old mention that has burned down.

Go to neo city and enter the church basement and you are transported to the future. You go to the room where the spaceship should be, only to notice that it is empty. A letter from Joshua is on the ground. With just a poem. Continue reading the poem to receive some Exp. Also if you did not yet already, you could go to the basement and fight some aliens and enter the tomb of Hershell to make a picture if you have the camera.

Now go to the western isles and enter the Mansion. Brandon is searching for clues but couldn’t find any. But he tells you that there are two devices. One in the mansion that has been burned, the other was with the guardian when he escaped with the package. As you know, the guardian has fleed to the house of Eveey’s uncle. So go there and go inside the house of the uncle. You notice that there are some spiderwebs and a note on the table. Read the note for the combination to the basement. If you want you can go to Eveey’s house if you please. There is a lot of gold stored there. But you are not allowed to take any. Go into the basement and take the device from the chest. Now go back to the western-isles. The fastest way is through the Wootang village, theLost forest and walk to the west. Jump down the edge (with the switch for opening the ruined door) and enter the cave. Now go to the north, don’t bother the mirror anymore, if you have won from Yoka you won’t change into a rat or dragon anymore. No go to the north and make your way to the Western-Isles. Brandon stands outside and approaches you to ask if you have found the device. As you have it, make sure that you have some batteries with you. If not, walk to the south at the INN the girl will sell batteries. After some conversation about the device. He joins your party and you need to go to the dragon king.
With Brandon in your party, you best walk straight back to the Dragon castle and ask the king who’s sitting on his throne. The dragon king tells you that you now can take the train to the west because the builders have been removed.

Go to the conductor of the train he is to the east of the dragon kingdom town. Make sure you have delivered the compass (you have found on the ocean floor) back to Morgane (at the mountain town pub). Talk to the conductor to get you and Brandon on board the train. When you are at the train you could do some small quests or walk to the west of the train and talk to Brandon from the other side of the table. A ‘long’ conversation starts. If you have returned the compass then sky pirate mission begins shortly.
If not the conversation ends sooner or later and the conductor announced that the train is almost there. Which gets you to the slumbs.

A sky pirate mission (not optional if the compass is returned to Morgane.)

Luna tuna Fishing contestela

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