Walkthrough – All bikini locations

—————-All 12 bikini locations———-

Mountain town clothes shop north east dressing room.
Old Mansion (Bear inn area) on he 2nd floor west of the fireplace.
Apple castle (1F north-west room).
Apple Market, north one of the tents.
Fighting her in the desert fighting pit. Receive the bikini with the trophy!
Water forest (west of the Lighthouse beach), only when you have a Mountain town portal with you.
Neon city – hotel building 2nd floor, Grab it from the clothes she throw, no need for a fight.
Neon – city inside the rainbow churche (northe east curtens).
Oceania – Gelly Gina (see the side Quest Gina gelly Bikini)
At the Dragon pub backstage after you got hit walk on stage, someone throws you a bikini.
Slum city – The tent at the station, you need to have opened the facilitie door for her to appear.
Hidden facility. On the 2nd floor. There is a bathroom covered in shadow, no need to fight.