Walktrough – All asiana villagers

Find all the asiaa villagers;

At the old mansion (after receiving the old tablet from the beach ball kids).
At the the ice temple, through the icecave.
At the market
At Snowvänia, near the INN.
At the tailer shop at mountain town.
At the north castle outside on the east side of the castle.
At the lighthouse beach.
At the apple castle 3th floor east side at the table.
At the desert fighting pit
At the water forest near the house.
At the forgotten forest (hard to find in the small path in the middle of the map.)
At the forgotten forest outside the ruin near the water.
At the south castle south west by the toilets?
At Neon city by the truck on the north west side of town.
At the dragon mountain near south west.
At the spider cave (dragon area)
At the dragon mountain pub on the west side at the bar.
At the slumbs house.
At the slumbs near the train wagon.